The XF features an integrated 3-inch thermal printer that can print text, barcodes, images and simple graphics for a variety of applications and environments when used with supported Android™ devices.

Additional features:

  • Hot swappable supplemental battery for extended operation
  • Charging port charges both integrated and supplemental batteries
  • Programmable LED indicator
  • Integrated hardware provides communications between the Android device and XF peripherals
  • XF Service application allows user configuration of XF features
  • Rugged watertight housing protects against dust and liquid, can be used in inclement weather, and withstands drops from four feet
  • Optional interrogated high performance 1D/2D barcode scanner

With the XF you can:

  • Leverage the many features of the Android operating system
  • Eliminate the inconvenience of a belt mounted printer
  • Easily replace and upgrade components
  • Access real-time data even in harsh conditions
  • Unique design help prevents the XF being misplaced

Note: Android devices are not included, and must be purchased separately. Supported devices include the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Samsung S22 Ultra. Contact Two Technologies for more information.