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Panel Mount Terminals

Looking for a rugged, low-cost panel mount terminal? The SMT is a fully functional ASCII terminal designed specifically for industrial applications. The SMT is flexible! Its menu programmable function keys can transmit a user-programmed character, while host equipment has direct control of cursor movement and appearance, clearing all or part of the display. Function key definitions and operating parameters are stored in non-volatile memory. Available I/O configurations Include RS-232 and RS-422 as well as CMOS/LSTTL logic levels.

Like all Two Technologies' products, the SMT is remarkably rugged. The case is molded from Valox® 420, one of the most durable, chemical-resistant materials available today. Proper mounting of the SMT, with the Two Technologies' mounting kit, assures NEMA 4/12 compliance. Securely framed and clamped into place, the keypad surface provides excellent splash resistance and prevents curling or peeling of the keypad overlay. Keypad layout includes a 20-key configuration and is available with standard or custom graphics.

Options and Accessories

7 ft. Extended Coiled Cables Part Number
• Modular to Modular, Black 1210-7-BK
• Modular to Modular, Gray 1210-7
• Modular to Modular, Non-reversing, Gray 1210-7-NR
• Modular to Stripped Leads, Black (1210-HD) 10172
15 ft. Extended Cables Part Number
• Modular to Modular, Black 1210-15-BK
• Modular to Modular, Gray 1210-15
Modular to "D" Connector Kits Part Number
• Modular to DE-9P 1270-M-KIT
• Modular to DE-9S 1270-F-KIT
• Modular to DB-25P 1280-M-KIT
• Modular to DB-25S 1280-F-KIT
• Connector-Modular Socket (8-Inch Stripped and Tinned) 623K
Wired Adaptors with Power Socket Part Number
• Modular to DE-9S (PCAT) 91446
• Modular to DB-25P (DTE) 1280-DTE
• Modular to DB-25S (DCE) 1280-DCE
Power Supplies Part Number
• Power Supply 1226-1
Display Options
• LCD Twisted Nematic Standard
• Supertwist Available
• Supertwist Backlit Available
• LED Supertwist Backlit Available
• Supertwist Extended Temperature Backlit Available
• Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Available
• Extended Temperature (VFD) Available
Interface Options
• RS-232 Available
• RS-422 Available
• CMOS/TTL Available
Power Options
• 5.0 Volts DC ± 5% Available
• 7.5 to 12 Volt DC Available
• 9.5 to 28 Volts DC Available
Built-in Rechargeable Battery Not Available
Keypad Options
• 20 Key Elastomeric Available
• 20 Key Membrane Available
• 20 Key Phosphorescent Available
• 20 Key Backlit Phosphorescent Available
Other Options
• VT-100 ANSI 3.64 Compatibility Available

Elastomeric: This keypad provides a great look and excellent tactile feel. Epoxy caps make this keypad extremely resistant to wear and suitable for all environments, except where petroleum-based chemicals (oil) are present.

Membrane: Best used when working in harsh conditions where chemical, dirt and liquids may be present.

Backlit: Best used in low light conditions.