ProMotion HMI Terminal

Handheld HMI Terminals

Looking for a solution with an eye on motion? The ProMotion boasts the highest level of safety standards with its double-pole, 3-position (off, on, off) "Liveman" switch and double-pole Emergency Stop (E-Stop). The 3-position design of the Liveman provides a closed circuit when depressed to a mid-point. A fully released or depressed switch opens the switch circuit, which could cause the machine to stop operation.

You can also easily activate the E-Stop with a push-off, turn-reset motion. A fully depressed E-Stop opens all the circuits and could be used to bring the machinery to a complete halt. The ProMotion's host activated Advanced Control Mode (ACM) provides an increased level of safety when using the terminal to control motion oriented tasks on a robotic device by allowing the host and terminal to monitor one another and react to event changes (host actions are dependent on host software). These features are extremely important when used in robotics and industrial applications where safety is a must!

Options and Accessories

Permanent Connection Cables Part Number
• 10 Ft PW to DA15 91332
• 15 Ft PW to DA15 91311
• 25 Ft PW to DA15 13718
Note: Permanent wire cables are not available with battery powered units.
RTV Seal*
• Keypad & Display
• Keypad, Display & Hangar
• Keypad, Display & Hangar
*Not available with elastomeric keypad.
Display Options
• Supertwist Standard
• Supertwist Backlit Available
• Supertwist Extended Temperature Backlit Available
Interface Options
• RS-232 >Available
• RS-422 Available
• CMOS/TTL Available
Power Options
• 5.0 Volts DC ± 5% Available
• 7.5 to 12 Volt DC Available
• 9.5 to 28 Volts DC Available
Keypad Options
• 20 Key Elastomeric Available
• 30 Key Elastomeric Available
• 45 Key Elastomeric Available
• 20 Key Membrane Available
• 30 Key Membrane Available
• 45 Key Membrane Available
• 15, 32 and Custom Keypad Config Custom
• 20 Key Phosphorescent Custom
• 45 Key Phosphorescent Available
• 45 Key Backlit Phosphorescent Available
• 20, 30, 40, 45 Key Backlit Available
E-Stop/Liveman Options
• Liveman w/14 conductor cable DA-15 connector Standard
Other Options
• LED Indicators Available
• VT-100 ANSI 3.64 Compatibility


Elastomeric: This keypad provides a great look and excellent tactile feel. Epoxy caps make this keypad extremely resistant to wear and suitable for all environments, except where petroleum-based chemicals (oil) are present.

Membrane: Best used when working in harsh conditions where chemical, dirt and liquids may be present.

Backlit: Best used in low light conditions.