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Handheld HMI Terminals

Looking for a price performance solution? The HV Series offers rugged and fully functional ASCII terminals ideal for a multitude of cost-sensitive applications. The HV Series proves to be the ultra-flexible solution for industrial applications. Nearly every aspect of its operation from display mode to function key definitions can be changed via menu selections or direct host control using private escape sequences.

The four distinct function keys can be redefined as characters or strings to a maximum of 80 bytes overall and saved in nonvolatile memory. Additionally, you can define three graphic characters via the host control. I/O configurations include RS-232 and RS-422 as well as standard CMOS/LSTTL logic levels. For applications requiring warning signals or key activity indication, the HV Series has optional LED indicators, located within each key on the top row, and programmable tones.

Options and Accessories

7 ft. Extended Coiled Cables Part Number
• Modular to Modular, Black 1210-7-BK
• Modular to Modular, Gray 1210-7
• Modular to Modular, Non-reversing, Gray 1210-7-NR
• Modular to Stripped Leads, Black (1210-HD) 10172
15 ft. Extended Cables
• Modular to Modular, Black 1210-15-BK
• Modular to Modular, Gray 1210-15
Permanent Connection Cable
• 7 ft. with DE-9P Standard 2T Pin-outs 90849
• 7 ft. with 6-Pin Modular Termination Suffix-PW
• 15 ft. with 6-Pin Modular Termination Suffix-PW15
• 7 ft. with DB-25P, DB-25S, DE-9S, DE-9P,DA-15 Termination **
• 15 ft. with DB-25P, DB-25S, DE-9S, DE-9P, DA-15 Termination **
*Wiring configuration must be provided; set up charges and minimums may apply.
Note: Permanent wire cables are not available with battery powered units.
Modular to "D" Connector Kits
• Modular to DE-9P 1270-M-KIT
• Modular to DE-9S 1270-F-KIT
• Modular to DB-25P 1280-M-KIT
• Modular to DB-25S 1280-F-KIT
• Connector-Modular Socket (8-Inch Stripped and Tinned) 623K
Wired Adaptors with Power Socket
• Modular to DE-9S (PCAT) 91446
• Modular to DB-25P (DTE) 1280-DTE
• Modular to DB-25S (DCE) 1280-DCE
Power Supplies
• Power Supply 1226-1

Protective Boot

• Silicon Boot-Yellow 14261
RTV Seal*
• Keypad & Display
*Not available with elastomeric keypad.
Display Options
• LCD Twisted Nematic Display Standard
• Supertwist Display Available
• Supertwist Backlit Available
• LED Supertwist Backlit Available
• Supertwist Extended Temperature Backlit Available
Interface Options
• RS-232 Available
• RS-422 vailable

• CMOS/TTL >Available
Power Options
• 5.0 Volts DC ± 5% Available
• 7.5 to 12 Volt DC Available
• 9.5 to 28 Volts DC >Available
Keypad Options
• 20 Key Membrane Available
• 40 Key Elastomeric Available
• 30 Key Membrane Available
• 40 Key Membrane Available
• 40 Key Membrane with 5 LEDs Available
• 15, 40 and Custom Key Pad Configurations Custom
• 20, 30, 40 Key Backlit Available
Other Options
• LED Indicators Available
• VT-100 ANSI 3.64 Compatibility Available (20 Key Membrane Only)

Elastomeric: This keypad provides a great look and excellent tactile feel. Epoxy caps make this keypad extremely resistant to wear and suitable for all environments, except where petroleum-based chemicals (oil) are present.

Membrane: Best used when working in harsh conditions where chemical, dirt and liquids may be present.

Backlit: Best used in low light conditions.

20 Key Membrane Thumbnail

20 Key Membrane

30 Key Membrane Thumbnail

30 Key Membrane

40 Key Elastomeric(Gray Non-epoxy Coated) Thumbnail

40 Key Elastomeric
(Gray non-epoxy coated)

40 Key Membrane Thumbnail

40 Key Membrane

40 Key Elastomeric (Black Non-epoxy Coated) Thumbnail

40 Key Elastomeric
(Black non-epoxy coated)