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Peripherals and PACKS


As hardware requirements evolve with increasing speed, the need to respond quickly, economically and with minimal downtime is essential. The PACK is a cartridge system that allows peripheral devices to easily mate with a JETT•XL®, Hydrus®, Hydrus® Luna, Hydrus® Luna GPS, and HANDGEAR®. It is similar in principle to a large compact FLASH card.

Another advantage to utilizing a PACK approach is related to compliance testing. Individual PACK devices may be tested separately. This significantly reduces the cost and time required for compliance work. Market demand can be summarized with a single phrase “If only it had ...” The PACK provides an economical means to satisfy much of this demand and “future-proof” your hardware investment.

Handgear with an e-citation WHAT DOES "PACK READY" MEAN?

The term “PACK Ready” refers to any one of our computer products delivered from our factory with all of the necessary components allowing the PACK system to be added at a later date, without the need to return the device to Two Technologies. PACK Ready means truly field upgradeable!


Two Technologies offers a line of PACK peripherals for our JETT and Hydrus family of rugged computers including:

  • Various levels of GPS
  • Portable Memory Sticks
  • Cellular radios, GPRS/GSM or CDMA
  • And even multi component modules where GPS and GPRS are incorporated into a single PACK

Customers are not limited by these choices. Using the empty housing, an integrator can develop customized peripheral devices appropriate to their needs. Such components may include:

  • Custom RFID readers
  • Custom radios for meter reading
  • Optical sensors for fiber optics
  • Infrared sensors for temperature measurement
  • Custom tachometers


Utilize the HANDGEAR expansion PACK system for additional standard and custom hardware systems such as temperature probes, proprietary radios, and meters. Two Technologies offers the HGP-3 Printer on Hydrus and HG models. Contact us today to learn more about the HG PACK. The HANDGEAR PACK is fully interchangeable with the Hydrus PACK system.


Available for all PACK Ready JETT•XL® units. The GPS/GPRS GSM JETT•PACK is an integrated positioning system solution that contains a quad band GPRS module and a GPS receiver.

pdf icon Download the GPS/GPRS GSM specs.

Hydrus® PACK

Learn how the Hydrus can replace many products. Utilize the PACK to add GPS, RFID, meters, radios, SD cards and much more. One platform. One product. Period.

CLICK HERE or pdf icon Download the Hydrus specs.

CF Card Protection System

The JETT®•HATCH is the perfect solution for those who use CF-based peripherals with their JETT® hand held computers and need to maintain a high IP rating as an integral part of their application.

pdf icon Download the JETT®•HATCH specs

Hydrus® SD Adapter PACK

The new SD adapter PACK for the Hydrus and Hydrus Luna allows for the use of a standard SD memory card. The SD PACK facilitates access to the SD card via an elastomeric seal without the removal of any other accessories. The PACK is upgradable by customers of existing Hydrus or Hydrus Luna.


More to come! Contact us with questions about other available peripherals or to add your PACK to our list.

Voltmeter PACK with Integrated GPS Receiver by M.C. Miller

The M.C. Miller Voltmeter PACK allows you to read both DC and AC voltages right on the Hydrus Luna handheld and the purchase of the Voltmeter Pack includes a software application that installs on the handheld allowing for voltage reading display, as well as voltage range selection. The various reading ranges available with the voltmeter are shown in the table together with their respective input impedance values and response times (to 99% of final value).


  • 40mVDC, 10MΩ, 80ms

  • 400mVDC, 10MΩ, 80ms

  • 5.7VDC, 400MΩ, 80ms

  • 40VDC, 75MΩ, 80ms

  • 57VDC, 75MΩ, 2ms

  • 57VDC, 400MΩ, 50ms

  • 400VDC, 75MΩ, 80ms

  • 570VDC, 75MΩ, 2ms

  • 40VAC, 75MΩ, 1.35s

  • 400VAC, 75MΩ, 1.35s

    Display Resolution

  • 0.01mV

  • 0.1mV

  • 0.001V

  • 0.01V

  • 0.01V

  • 0.01V

  • 0.1V

  • 0.1V

  • 0.01V

  • 0.1V

    Accuracy (% reading value)

  • ±0.2% ±0.08mV

  • ±0.2% ±0.6mV

  • ±0.2% ±0.004V

  • ±0.2% ±0.04V

  • ±0.2% ±0.04V

  • ±0.2% ±0.04V

  • ±0.2% ±0.4V

  • ±0.2% ±0.4V

  • ±1.0% ±0.06V

  • ±1.0% ±0.6V

(AC Range specifications valid over 10-1000Hz frequency range and 5-100% of full scale range)

The M.C. Miller® PACK also houses a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver with an external GPS antenna, offering a position resolution accuracy around 1.5m. The M.C. Miller Company offers a standalone GPS location display application that also installs on the handheld.

In addition, the M.C. Miller Company offers to write custom, Hydrus Luna handheld installable, data-logging applications that’ll allow you to log voltage data read at various locations that can be location/time tagged by virtue of the PACK’s built-in GPS receiver.

For more information on the Voltmeter PACK for the Hydrus Luna handheld, contact the M.C. Miller Company:

M.C. Miller Co., Inc.

Meshed Systems UHF RFID JETT•PACK®


The UHF RFID JETT•PACK extension for the Two Technologies JETT•XL® and JETT•eye mobile handheld computers is a compact, cost effective solution to upgrade the JETT•XL® or JETT•eye with UHF RFID reader capabilities. Based on newest, high integrated reader IC technology the RFID JETT•PACK package supports ISO 18000-6C and EPC Class1 Gen2 passive RFID transponders.

Download the Meshed Systems UHF RFID JETT•PACK spec

The UHF RFID JETT•PACK is the newest extension for this highly reliable system. It is intended for use in commercial and industrial applications with a focus on real time wireless data transactions. This hand held computer is optimized for mobile computing applications and third party expansion.

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Meshed Systems GmbH
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D-85521 Ottobrunn Germany
Tel. +49-(0)89-6666 5124


The 3047E is a 125KHz read/write JETT•PACK® which is operable with RFID tags from EM4102/4305, Hitag, Hitag1, HitagS, and Temic 5551/5552/5557/ 5567/5577 (up to 4k bits of data). RFID, Inc also offers a 433 MHz read only 3047E-EXT2T JETT•PACK for locating tagged assets at 70 feet of range. For more information, contact RFID Inc. at

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