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NEW N5Print Ultra-Rugged Handheld Computer with SureLock Safeguard your data with Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX is a high-level security system that protects Android based devices with a multitude of security features. Create a secure environment on your enterprise devices where employees can confidently use enterprise apps, securely store data and safely send emails, all while keeping their personal data separate. Employees can use a variety of IT-approved apps inside the container to increase mobility and productivity across the organization.

KNOX protects the integrity of the entire device, from hardware to application layer. Your infrastructure is protected with a multi-level approach to security that includes Trusted Boot and TrustZone based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA). This provides continuous integrity monitoring of the Linux kernel. KNOX eliminates OS compromise and enables you to monitor and control devices on your network across multiple mobile service providers. KNOX provides enhanced app security, a secure operating system, superior manageability, and is Defense and Government ready. The N5Print and N4 are already KNOX enabled right out of the box.

  • Separation of corporate and personal data
  • Support for flexible add-ons
  • Cloud-based Mobile Device and Application Management
  • Multi-layered device protection
  • Quick and simple cloud-based setup
  • Active Directory integration
  • Application Management
  • Find, lock or wipe your device if it goes missing
  • No support from IT required

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