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What is a cookie cutter solution?

Plain and simple, it's what our competitors, mass produced, the same, each and every time and typically MORE expensive than a 2T application specific, customized handheld. Why would you go out of your way to promote a hardware manufacturer’s brand? If given the choice between a generic black hand held that looks like what you see the inventory takers using at the grocery store and a rugged hand held with your product/company colors, logo, application specific keypad, and only the features your application requires....wouldn't you choose the latter? Let's take a look at why customizing a Two Technologies rugged hand held computer is the right choice, no matter what environment or industry you are in.
Hydrus Two Technologies
True Differentiation through Branding

Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf black or gray unit when you can easily extend your brand with a unique handheld that is consistent with your corporate identity. We can match your handheld to your existing products or help you create a new harmonious color combination that will stand out from the pack. Our products offer several logo placements so you can display your logo and product name where they belong —in front of your customers. Virtually lock-out your competitors. Two Technologies will never sell your “branded” hand held computer to another, so you will never see it offered by a competitor. Your hand held becomes a seamless part of your proprietary solution.

Intuitive Keypad for the End User

Design a custom keypad with intuitive, application-specific graphics and you can shorten training time, improve user efficiency, and reduce costly errors. Your end user/field worker will appreciate a key labeled “TEMPERATURE”, rather than a temperature key labeled “F1”. You can even print universal symbols in place of words to make your keypad user friendly internationally. Customize one key, or the entire keypad. Use color to denote action, such as red for stop and green for go. There is truly no limit to what you can do with your keypad configuration and graphics.

Ease of Use/Intuitive Operation Creates
a Happier Field Force and ROI

Shortened training time
Reduced documentation 
Field identification
Fewer tech calls
Fewer errors
Unprecedented customer loyalty
Unique Offering/True differentiation in market
Customizing for Practical Purposes

Imagine a surveyor in the field drops his generic black hand held computer in the mud and cannot locate it vs. another surveyor with a bright orange hand held...or, a refuse collector who drops the handheld into a dumpster and can easily identify his bright yellow hand held vs. searching for a small, black or gray PDA. I think you get the picture; color identifies and differentiates.  We have twenty three years of experience in producing purpose built hardware for partners that understand why customization works.
Hardware Flexibility

Why pay for features that your application does not require and why settle for hardware that does not truly fit your needs?  Maybe your application requires Bluetooth®, but not WLAN or you need an engraved keypad or RFID or GPS? Every unique application has different requirements and at Two Technologies we take a modular approach. Hardware should be purpose built.  This brings us to the PACK.  Two Technologies offers partners a “PACK” which is an integral part of our hand held computers and used to accommodate unique instrumentation of any variety. We can work with you to create the right tool for your application. With a wide range of current PACK offerings Including: RFID, GPS, integrated printers, custom meters, probes and instrumentation; we can help you design a hardware solution that works hand in hand with your software. Just ask.

Customization simply works. Get what you want, and only what you want, in your colors, with your application graphics, corporate/ product logo at a price that makes “cookie cutter” look unappetizing!

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