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General FAQ's

Why a handheld?

In its simplest form, a handheld terminal is used to communicate with any type of microprocessor-based product. The keypad is used to input commands or data, while the display is used to read output from the microprocessor.

Why design in a handheld terminal or computer?

If you are looking to give your products a competitive edge, a handheld terminal or computer will provide you with many advantages...such as intuitive operation, lower operation expense, improved product appearance, and time.

  • Intuitive Operation—Through a variety of keypad styles, we can help you design the keypad graphics to provide the operator with controls that often do not require an operator's manual. Intuitive operation is the key to a successful product. If your product requires a keyboard entry for various operations, why not have a key that clearly spells out the operation to be performed? A key that says "START" is far easier to understand than an "S," or worse, an "F1."

  • No expensive keyboard or CRT—A well-designed handheld can be made simpler to operate and takes up less room than a full-sized keyboard and CRT combination.

  • Improved Product Appearance—A handheld can either be a prominent part of your product design or it can be hidden behind a panel. The graphics can be as subtle or as dazzling as you choose. Ask to see samples of our keypad graphics, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

  • Time—Custom graphics, firmware, keypads, logo tags, serial tags in a matter of weeks, not months. We can design a completely custom product for your application and have it in your hands in weeks. If you need a quick, fully customized unit for photographs or demonstration, we can have it to you in just a few short days.
Who uses handheld terminals and computers?

Any company that manufacturers products containing a microprocessor! Handheld operator interfaces are used in virtually every industry. If any of your products contain a microprocessor as a controller, you will probably benefit from using a handheld terminal. Customers from around the world put their name on our products.

Need something smarter than a dumb terminal?

Two Technologies also has a complete line of programmable handhelds. Displays from 4x20 character, up to 25x80 character and graphics, are available. All can be programmed using your PC. Programming languages such as C, Assembler and Basic are available.

Why use a Two Technologies, Inc. handheld terminal or computer?

  • Custom is our standard! — That's all we do ... it's all we have ever done. Designing handheld terminals and computers is our only business. Put us to the test! There aren't many questions about handhelds that we haven't answered over the years.

  • Agency Approvals
    Our products comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules as well as CENELEC EN 55022, CISPR Class A, and UL.

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