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Two Technologies N-Class Developers Partnership Program

The Two Technologies N-Class Android Software Partner Program is designed for Android Developers who wish to develop applications that will empower/incorporate the various hardware components of the Two Technologies Android based product line.

The target markets for these applications are enterprise customers. We do not anticipate a consumer demand for these products.

What do I need to develop applications for the Two Technologies Products?

Members of the group should have intermediate to expert level experience developing Android applications.

Two Technologies will provide a SDK for the hardware components proprietary to the Two Technologies products. All other functions can be found using standard Android and Samsung SDKs.

A demonstration agreement can be arranged to lend developers a Two Technologies product for a short period of time in order to test the application on a live device. Developers are responsible for the return of the product in the same condition that they received it.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Two Technologies Android Software Developers Partner Program?

Cross Promotion - Your company and applications will be featured on the Two Technologies web site. We ask that you promote the Two Technologies Partnership on your web site as well.

Teamwork – As a member of the Partner Program, other partners may contact you either to incorporate your existing application into their system integration or for development assistance in creating a new application as the software component of the system integration.

Technology – Know that you are creating software for some of the most innovative Android hardware devices on the market. Two Technologies products are unprecedented in their hardware integration.

Revenue – Achieve addition revenue by selling your application or development services. Additional revenue may be realized by charging for back-end and reoccurring services.

Marketing – Your application may be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the Two Technologies’ products at trade shows and customer presentations.

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