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At Two Technologies, custom is our standard. We can make our product a seamless part of your product, whether you want a rugged hand held computer or terminal to assume a starring role or perform as unobtrusively as possible. Your colors. Your logo. Your keypad. It’s your choice...and choice is a nice option.

What are the benefits of designing a customized rugged hand held computer or terminal?
  • Shortened training time
  • Reduced documentation
  • Not offered by competitors
  • Field identification
  • Fewer tech calls
  • Fewer errors
  • Unprecedented customer loyalty
  • True differentiation in market

Intuitive Keypad Graphics

Differentiate your rugged hand held with an intuitive, application specific keypad. Replace F1 and F2 with "PRINT" and "HOME". Choose from many standard keypad configurations and several keypad types, based on your application and environmental requirements.

Custom N4 KeypadMembrane Keypad Overlay
We can supply keypads as per your specifications for colors, fonts, special legending, key top shape, and backlighting. Camera-ready artwork is not required!

Custom Elastomeric Keypad
Elastomeric Keypad and Bezel
Great looking and excellent tactile feel. Epoxy caps make this keypad extremely resistant to wear and suitable for all environments, except where petroleum-based chemicals (oil) are present. Non-glare matte finish is also available. Customize the keypad bezel for added functionality.

Custom Color and Branding

Don’t settle for a non branded, off-the-shelf black or gray when you can easily extend your brand with a unique hand held that is consistent with your corporate identity.
Virtually lock-out your competitors. Two Technologies will never sell your “branded” hand held computer to another, so you will never see it offered by a competitor. Your hand held becomes a seamless part of your proprietary solution.

Case Colors
Choose from thousands of colors and combinations to create a custom hand held that stands out in your environment, stays camouflaged or matches your brand identity. Don't need specific colors? Several standard case colors are available from stock.

Custom N4 ColorsLogo Tags and Display Bezel
Imprint your logo or other design in your choice of several positions and sizes. Display your logo and product name where they belong—in front of your customers.

Custom Cabling

We can supply detachable and permanent cables as per your specifications, with your choice of host equipment connector or adapter. Contact us today to learn more.

Custom Display Type

Improve readability on your hand held terminal or computer with Supertwist LCD, Supertwist backlit LCD, or LED display technology. Contact us today to learn more about what display type will fit your environment.

Custom on the Inside and Out

Two Technologies will work with your team, from design to deployment, to create a product that fits your needs exactly.

Custom Defaults Having your hand held power up with exactly the right parameter settings right out of the box saves time and avoids errors. Setup menus can optionally be locked out to prevent tampering or inadvertent parameter changes.

Custom Key Outputs Match your keypad legending or host requirements exactly.

Custom Firmware If you require your hand held to perform in a non-standard manner, we can develop special firmware specifically for your needs.

Serial Tag The serial number area can be of your own design, allowing you to inventory your products with your unique numbers, not ours.

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