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N5 used in HVAC

Have you ever wondered if your application could benefit from a rugged handheld terminal or computer or what types of applications have used Two Technologies' products? Check out these very unique applications that have our products implemented.

pdf icon White Paper - CivicSmart, Inc.

Next Generation Mobile: Industrial Computer Hardware "Driving" Increased Parking Violation Ticketing Efficiencies.

pdf icon Case Study - Honeywell

Honeywell N6600 Series 2D Scan Engine propels peak performance for Two Technologies’ rugged handheld devices. Fast, Reliable Scanning in Tough Outdoor Environments

pdf icon Case Study - Red Mountain, Smoke Check 1667

Red Mountain's Smoke Check 1667 and TechTerm help take emissions to another level

pdf icon XJail and Safari: Prison Security Springs into the Future

Two Technologies' Safari II with Archonix Systems' XJail solution is a priceless tool for corrections officers

pdf icon M.C. Miller: Hydrus® Luna

pdf icon Applied Principles/Kanes Foods: JETT®/Hydrus

pdf icon Sheehy Mail Contractors/ JETT•ce

pdf icon Americas Resources: JETT•RFID

Enterprise Air: JETT•XL

MicroSurvey: JETT•ce

Summary Systems: JETT•ce

Premier Technologies: TouchLite

Image Data: HV40

Manning Navcomp, Inc.: SMT

Innovation Associates, Inc.: TechTerm

PanAm International Flight Academy: 8045

Paladin Estimating Systems: PDS

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Testimonial From Turbo Data Systems

“I really like the N5 device. This is now my go to product when recommending hardware to my clients. The fact that it works on an Android operating system, is an all-in-one solution that is durable and works well in all different types of weather including rain are very important features to my clients. Also, the device has a hot swappable battery, which certainly lasts longer out in the field and eliminates the need to swap out devices in the middle of the day or find a charging station in the middle of a shift. These are all critically important considerations for me when selecting a hand held device. Additionally, Two Technologies has been very helpful when I have asked for enhancements or adjustments to the N5 to create the best possible experience for my customers, such as adding an easy-to-find button for quick scanning of data or making the device more comfortable to wear with a different neck strap. Their development team and support group are always there to answer any questions or provide any help I need with the device.”

~ Elie Sleiman, Turbo Data Systems

Testimonial From CivicSmart, Inc.

“The number one reason we chose the N5 is that it is a one-piece device with all the needed features and functionality built in including an integrated printer. Unlike other mobile hardware devices that have tiny screens, little or no keypads, and cannot operate below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the N5 is a highly rated, rugged and durable device capable of standing up to real-world conditions. As cities continue to integrate varied technologies, our software allows parking enforcement officers to view expired parking spaces, meter payment status, pay by phone transactions, and other data on their devices, and the N5 is an ideal hardware platform for us. Because the N5 is built on Android smartphone technology, data sharing is fast and easy. As we continue to deliver innovative software solutions to the parking enforcement community, we look forward to doing so with Two Technologies’ N5 series.”

~ Jeff Rock, Vice President of Sales, CivicSmart, Inc.

Letter of Recommendation for Hydrus Luna Equipment

To Whom It May Concern:

Our water district purchased three (3) Hydrus Luna Handheld computers for use in reading our meters. Since purchasing them we have found lots of other uses for them.

We are making plans to use the GPS system to locate all of the equipment we have installed. We use the camera to take pictures of problems our readers find with our taps and we intend to download work orders to the units. The units are also capable of showing the maps of our system which enables the operators to quickly locate lines, valves and customers. The units have proven to be very durable and easy to use. But the best part of using the equipment is the service we have received from Two Technologies. They have helped us resolve any problems we have caused and continued to check back to be sure we are satisfied.

I would recommend the purchase of these units to anyone with similar needs.

Jack E. Silver Jr.
Chairman of the Board
Rural Water District #4 Mayes County

Testimonial From Forestry Systems

"Here at Forestry Systems extreme weather conditions along with harsh working environments don't stop our customers due to the dependable and rugged equipment they utilize in particular the Hydrus handheld manufactured by Two Technologies. Our customers range from outdoor based Foresters to Manufacturing workers who must have a rugged and dependable Handheld that works outdoors all day. Their Handheld solution must be able to work in environments like rain, snow, ice and every temperature range found from the upper reaches of Canada to the Swamps of South Georgia. We sell to Men and Women who call themselves Foresters who pride themselves on the fact they work, know and live in the woods.

During the 90s Forestry Systems carried the Telxon Product line. We had a long(15) fifteen year relationship with them, selling well over 5000 units. Since our migration to the Two Technologies group we have found our annual repair costs and overall number of units needing repairs to be the lowest since we began in 1988. It's pretty obvious from our long tenure in the Handheld industry that yes Telxon was the Largest Manufacture of handhelds in their day but there has never been a company like Two Technologies who not only stands behind their product but actually produces a product like the Hydrus that simply does not quit no matter what's asked of it. We like to compare it to a hardened Military tank designed to fight in the most extreme environments and win the war every time.

Please understand that our customer base is a lot like a surveyor but with our applications the Handhelds are used continuously throughout the day and many times into the evening. Being tough is only one of the many factors that distinguish the Hydrus and its abilities from the rest of the field. Offering such features as a 40 hour up time, non stop dependability, integrated GPS with mapping along with a rock solid design make it the leader by leaps and bounds in our world of outdoorsmen. With close to a thousand units in the field it's easy to say FSI offers the best of the best in Handheld technology manufactured by Two Technologies.

I really don't know what a customer would want more out of their Handheld than the Hydrus offers.

If you need anyone who would like to speak with me regarding the Hydrus and it's low failure rate or how it compares to the rest of the Handhelds offered in our industry which we at FSI are constantly evaluating please have them call me at any time, it's a conversation that's easy ---- I just have to speak from our experience, the Hydrus is number 1."

~ Pat Jenks/President, Forestry Systems Inc.

Gerald (the Hydrus) has given me the confidence to take the growth of my business seriously. I’m prepared for anything that potential customers throw at me. My investment in Gerald demonstrates a strong commitment to quality, giving me an edge over my competitors and gives customers the feeling that they can be confident in my products and business.

~ Taste of the Moorlands

We have found the 2T Hydrus and Luna devices to perform yeoman's work in a variety of harsh environments. The screen provides good readability even in direct sunlight, and keyboard and digitizer have proven reliable and immune to mud, dirt, grease, and all manner of other environmental hazards. On more than one occasion users have driven off with the 2T on the roof of the truck only to have it clatter to the ground at the next stop or corner. In all cases the 2T shook off the abuse and kept on working.

~ Osmose Utilities Services Inc.

We have been using the JETT•ce product since its availability in the fall of 2003 as a configuration and troubleshooting peripheral for our Industrial Heating Control products. As outdoor industrial equipment, our application presents a particularly difficult environment for any device. To date, the JETT•ce has performed very well during field use conditions, and feedback from customers has been positive. We have received favorable comments regarding the ease-of-use and ergonomics, and feel that the JETT•ce adds significant value and appeal to our products. Two Technologies’ support has been excellent, and we would not hesitate to recommend the JETT•ce for this type of application.

~Tyco Thermal Controls

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