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Rugged Handhelds for Demanding Applications

Two Technologies, Inc. rugged and ultra-rugged handheld computers and handheld/panel mount terminals are in constant use throughout the world in every application from A to Z.

Our customers are thousands of companies in diverse industries, including some of the world's largest and smallest companies. Our products can be found in a multitude of different data collection applications, from the field to the office, our custom, rugged handhelds fit right in.

Made in the USA
  • Agriculture/Environmental
  • Aviation/Aeronautics
  • Automobile Industry
  • Field Service/Data Collection
  • Food
  • Industrial
  • Law Enforcement/e-Citations
  • Medical
  • Military/Government
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Travel/Hotel and Airline
  • Utilities
  • Warehousing/Distribution
Two Technologies Rugged handheld Applications From A to Z
Use the N5Print for Chemical Fertilizing. Agriculture/Environmental

The ultra rugged N5Print features an IP65 rating, making it a perfect fit for dirty or wet environments. GPS, color imaging, barcode reading, an integrated printer and a long battery life keep you prepared and out in the field until sundown. Need a custom meter, probe or module? Add one to the HANDGEAR or Hydrus for mobile data collection.

Use the N4 with Automobile Inventory. Automobile Industry

A picture is worth a thousand key strokes™. Capture color images and send them to a database wirelessly to manage inventory, a fleet of cars/trucks, or to document auto damage. Add a data plan for more mobile connectivity on the go. The rugged N4 replaces the need for a laptop, digital camera, barcode reader, etc.

Use a terminal to control machinery. Aviation/Aeronautics

From diagnostics to machine control, Two Technologies has a solution for you. Choose from our ultra rugged handheld computers and add your custom instrumentation through the PACK, or select one of our handheld or panel mount terminals.

Use the N5Print with HVAC. Field Service/Data Collection

Confirm package deliveries, transfer data live with the home office, on the spot invoices and payments, on site receipts with an integrated printer, live schedule updates and more, all in the palm of your hand. Don’t worry if you’re caught with the N5Print in the rain or you drop it in the mud, it has a rugged MIL-STD 810G and IP65 certified exterior that protects it from damage. Never loose power with the hot swappable battery, work as long as needed with no worries.

Use a rugged terminal for machine controls. Industrial

Our panel mount and rugged computers/terminals have the strength to handle the most demanding working conditions. From basic machine control to ultra rugged data collection, Two Technologies will help you create an intuitive keypad that can employ your custom graphics. This way, your rugged handhelds are perfectly customized to your industry.

Use the N4 for code compliance. Food Industry

Food processing quality control becomes mobile with our rugged handheld computers. Decrease paper use, improve productivity and ensure code compliance with reliable data collection. Utilize the PACK on the Hydrus Luna GPS to add your custom temperature probe or other custom instrumentation. With a rugged IP67/68 rating, the N4, HANDGEAR and Hydrus are suited for use on the production floor and in messy environments without fear of damage.

Use the N5Print for ticketing with an integrated printer. Law/Parking Enforcement

Two Technologies offers high performance, ultra rugged mobile computers with data, image capture capabilities and an integrated printer. This aids police, public safety and law enforcement officials with the security and safety for all citizens. Collect data on the go with the N5Print, the rugged mobile computer that can do it all. From parking management to accident investigation, our rugged mobile computers offer proof with real-time accurate data collection and top performance.

Use the Safari for equipment diagnostics. Medical

Improve workflow with more consistency and better efficiency in healthcare practices with a rugged Two Technologies mobile device, or panel mount terminal. Our rugged handhelds fit seamlessly into any of your applications from patient data to pharmaceutical processes. Customize any rugged unit to fit demanding applications.

Use the N4 in wet and dry conditions. Military/Government

The military holds the highest standard for rugged handhelds where long battery life; dependability and performance are vital. Two Technologies’ line of rugged handheld computers meets the needs of a wide range of DoD/Military mission requirements and civilian agency applications. We pride ourselves on the quality and dependability of our rugged handhelds and the fact that they are made in the USA. When it comes to protecting our country and our troops, you can rely on our products to hold up to the most demanding uses from Active Duty to Border Patrol.

Use the N4 to send data in real-time. Security

Easily and efficiently scan ID badge barcodes, NFC wristbands and capture digital images of employees (or other VIPs) with the rugged, lightweight N4 rugged handheld. All of your data is safe, secure and accurate. Send data in real-time wirelessly for added security, long battery life for long shifts and intuitive custom keys for effortless use.

Use the N5Print to keep track of packages. Transportation/Logistics

Improve workflow with added consistency and better capability in a wide range of applications from compliance labeling to in-transit visibility. Smooth out supply chain processes with a wireless, rugged handheld computer from Two Technologies. The N5Print is a perfect fit for dirty or wet environments with GPS, barcode reading, with a long battery life that keeps you prepared at all times. Add a PACK with a custom meter, probe or proprietary instrumentation to the Hydrus or HANDGEAR for added efficiency and mobility.

Use the Safari for ticket reading. Travel/Hotel and Airline Operations

Airport and hotel security are more important than ever. Give your customers a durable and flexible piece of hardware that they can rely on when it matters most. From curbside to hotel check in, Two Technologies has a handheld computer to suit your application. Scan luggage with barcodes. Capture digital color images of passengers and guests. Integrate your custom instrumentation for added security and performance.

Use the N4 to keep track of meters. Utilities

The rugged N4, HANDGEAR and Hydrus mobile computers are built tough to survive extreme weather and the rigors of daily operation. Use the N4 in rain, snow, sleet, hail, direct sun, mud, even sand—it has a rugged MIL-STD 810G and IP67 certified exterior that protects it from harm. From in-house equipment to field services and equipment testing to truck dispatch, the N4, HANDGEAR and Hydrus are a perfect fit for any utility application.

Use the N5Print for shipping and receiving. Warehousing/Distribution

Two Technologies’ rugged handheld computers are durable enough for even the toughest environments, offering long battery life and full customization. Our rugged handhelds are designed to enhance productivity in manufacturing operations, warehousing, transportation and logistics. Our devices are efficient during every step in the supply chain from the manufacturing floor to the truck. Track items with barcodes, capture color images while connected wirelessly to a database, all with one product.

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