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You may not know our name or recognize our logo, but you've seen our products - every day, throughout the world. Two Technologies has been designing and manufacturing customizable, rugged mobile, industrial, hand held computers and hand held terminals for industrial and commercial applications since 1987.

With over 400 partners, 4,000 customers and over a million products in the field, our rugged mobile computers and industrial terminals can be found in a multitude of different applications: surveying and measurement, transportation and distribution, medical, manufacturing, field service, hospitality, agriculture, security, government, gaming, and everything in between.

All of our ultra-rugged computers are manufactured in the USA!
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Two Technologies History 2T Timeline

When Two Technologies was formed in 1987, our primary objective was to design a high quality handheld that was intuitive to operate, as well as being rugged and cost effective. We knew that no one could understand the requirements of your application better than you. It was our mission to have an operator pick up a handheld and intuitively know how to operate your equipment or execute your application without a user’s manual; all through the use of application specific graphics on the keypad and bezel. Our journey began with the introduction of our first product, the 8045.

After the 8045, came the TechTerm® and a flurry of customers fleeing from our competitors. Early on, we realized that the key to our success in some very competitive markets, was our “YES!” attitude. We gained our reputation as a “YES” company by finding ways to meet customers’ requirements – even if we had to venture off the beaten path. We are proud to say that after all these years, this attitude is an integral part of our company philosophy.

Today, many of our original employees and customers are still with us. We’ve worked with over 5000 customers and have over one million products in the field. We maintain an international network of Value-Added partners throughout the world. Our products have been the choice of market leaders in Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs alike.

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